Osmoplanet is a company specializing in the area of deionized of water.

Osmoplanet is a company specializing in the construction and maintenance of water deionized plants and machines with semi-permeable membranes, which are sold worldwide through an extensive network of qualified agents.
Dr. Carlo Cavicchi produce Reverse Osmosis plants since 1978 and thanks to his experience, gained in over 35 years of business, the company can boast a deep knowledge of the industry and of all the problems related to water treatment. For this we are valued and appreciated for our competence and seriousness.

Deionized water:

The machines series DEMRO operate reverse osmosis and removal from the mineral salts and organic substances through the use of semipermeable membranes. To produce water is necessary to compress the demineralization of water inside the membrane.

Reverse osmosis technology allows you to turn up to 70-80% of the feed water in deionized water. That is normally discarded water concentrated within the limits of the law on pollution, so it can go to the drain without any treatment. In contrast, deionizers exchange resins produce an eluate during periodic regeneration that is far beyond the permissible limits, so it can be sent to drain as it is.

An example of a plant for the deionized of water
deionized water

Our reverse osmosis systems are available with conventional valves manually operated by a qualified operator (even with PLC installed in the control cabinet), but we are able to provide much more: Osmoplanet produces systems with modulating valves operated by a powerful PLC with all the data reported in a front panel LCD as pressure, flow, temperature and other sensitive data. In this case also a generic operator can get the best from our plant. We can also, on request, to integrate a modem into our framework for remote control of the data.


Water deionized plants
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